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Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 7 years old.

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  • Jess

    An all-round achiever who has been a pupil at Kingsley since the age of three. She is musically gifted and a former Kingsley Young Musician of the Year.

    "You can learn to play any instrument you want and because Kingsley is a small school you don’t feel afraid to try new things.

    You get the chance to play in assemblies and concerts even if you are a beginner.

    I don’t think I would be involved in so many musical things outside school if I hadn’t been encouraged to do so by my teachers."

  • Simran

    Joined Kingsley from a state school in Year 7 and excels at Maths and Science.

    "I wanted to come to Kingsley because the GCSE grades are so good in the subjects I want to study.

    I like Maths and Science and I knew that Kingsley would give me the education I want in those subjects.

    I have improved a lot academically. My ability in Maths is much better and I can work things out faster."

  • Esmé

    A Year 4 Prep pupil who has been at the school since she was five years old. She loves playing the violin and is progressing well in her music lessons and exams.

    "The teachers are really nice. They give you time to do your work and don’t get cross if you don’t understand something.

    I am looking forward to learning new things and having new teachers when I go into the other years in Prep.

    Playing the violin is something I really enjoy. I have always liked the sound of it."

  • Poppy

    Joined Kingsley in Year 8, loves working with children and animals. Breeds prize-winning sheep.

    "I have achieved the best I can at Kingsley which has enabled me to get a place at Norland College, my dream higher education destination.

    When I asked if I could bring a sheep and lambs into school for a special assembly the answer was yes!

    Kingsley has made me more confident socially and academically."

  • Chloe

    A student at Kingsley for a year after joining in Year 7 from a local Prep School.

    "My confidence in my work has flown since I joined and that is all because of the teachers, friends and the lovely environment at Kingsley.

    The lessons are amazing and the teachers are really helpful and understanding.

    There are so many opportunities to get into sports teams and there are a range of different clubs that you can attend. I play tennis, which is my favourite sport, badminton and netball and also do swimming and athletics."

  • Ruby

    One of five sisters at Kingsley, currently in Year 5 in Prep School. She enjoys all aspects of school life, especially sport.

    "There are a lot of fun things to do at school and I have a lot of friends and nice teachers who help me with my work.

    I played in a recorder concert and felt scared but when I finished I wanted to do it again. I like being in concerts and shows.

    In DT lessons you create your own things from your own ideas. It makes you feel good."

  • Maaria

    A self-confessed bookworm who is always writing stories for her cousins and wants to be an author. Joined Kingsley in Year 7 from a state school.

    "The school didn’t seem big and scary and everybody was really kind and helpful.

    When I visited Kingsley for the first time the library was one of the things that impressed me the most. It is very quiet and calm and a nice place to be.

    You are never the odd one out and everyone is really friendly. I have made lots of friends."

  • Vicky

    Joined Kingsley in Year 4 and became Head Girl. A talented geographer, she has ambitions to work as a diplomat after studying geography at Durham University.

    "Becoming Head Girl and a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team made me proud to be a part of what I looked up to when I started at Kingsley.

    The school has given me confidence in myself and I don’t feel daunted about moving on to university. Kingsley has nurtured and prepared me for the next stage of my education.

    All the students are accepted for who they are. Kingsley is a family."

  • Ella

    One of a pair of twins who joined Kingsley from a state village school in Year 7. She is currently Deputy Head Girl and her sister is Head Girl. They are both applying to go to Cambridge University.

    "The Kingsley School is a second home.

    I have always been encouraged to pursue my interests and been supported in my endeavours.

    The teacher/student relationship at Kingsley provides a friendly, supportive learning environment and the small classes allow more time for individual learning."

  • Emily

    Emily is Deputy Head Girl in the Prep School. A talented gymnast who is a member of an elite GB squad training for the 2020 Olympics; she balances life in the Prep School with her sporting commitments.

    "It doesn’t matter what you are good at – maths, sport, history or English – the Kingsley Prep School will make sure that you are the best you can be.

    Kingsley is a fun place to learn. It is kind, caring and every day has a new and exciting challenge for the pupils."

  • Anna

    Joined Kingsley from a local Prep School in Year 7 after being awarded a drama scholarship.

    "Kingsley is a happy and positive environment in which you feel valued and happy. It is a lovely place to be.

    Doing LAMDA has given me more confidence and the English lessons have helped me to improve my vocabulary and conversations with other people.

    I have taken part in so many shows and reviews since I joined Kingsley."

  • Amy

    A member of the Kingsley Riding Squad who has represented the school at national events.

    "Having a riding squad at the school is an added bonus for me and makes being at Kingsley even more enjoyable.

    Students can be themselves at Kingsley.

    The school gives us a lot of independence and responsibility. It is open and friendly and girls are treated as individuals."

  • Emma

    A talented musician who joined Kingsley four years ago from a state village school.

    "The opportunities I have been given at Kingsley include learning Mandarin Chinese and taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

    The careers advice has opened up a whole new world to me and inspired me to become a Design Engineer.

    At Kingsley we are taught well in small classes and our grades are very good. I know I will excel in the subjects I am studying."

  • Uchenna

    A Prep pupil who is a good all-rounder academically and especially enjoys art and playing tennis.

    "All lessons are interesting and fun and the teachers give you a lot of attention and help if you need it.

    At Kingsley we bond like a family. It is a lovely place to be and very caring."

  • Lily

    A competitive skater who is able to fulfil her commitments on the rink whilst enjoying life as a Kingsley girl.

    "Being at Kingsley is like one big family. The small year groups mean the girls are like sisters.

    You develop relationships with teachers that allow you to excel academically.

    Kingsley has taught me to strive for success and to always be true to myself."

  • Georgia

    Joined the Sixth Form from a local state grammar school. A talented linguist, she hopes to achieve a place to study languages at a top university.

    "Being at Kingsley has helped me to come out of my shell and be more confident socially and in my own abilities and talents both academically and outside the classroom.

    Here you are valued as an individual, cared about and fostered into the community as part of The Kingsley School family.

    Teachers motivate you to try your best and teach you that if you make a mistake it is just a learning curve."

  • Olivia

    A finalist in the Kingsley Young Musician Competition who has aspirations to be a singer songwriter. She joined Kingsley in Year 7.

    "Before I started at Kingsley I didn’t have much confidence in my abilities.

    The school is so encouraging that I have thrown myself into everything it has to offer and I’m now much more confident in everything I do, both academic and extra-curricular.

    Everyone is so kind at Kingsley and because it is a small school there is a lot of interaction between the classes and years and the older girls are really encouraging."

  • Rachel

    A student at Kingsley for a year after joining in Year 7 from a local Secondary School.

    "Kingsley has given me opportunities to develop my self-confidence and my social, academic and sporting skills.

    The school has an amazing warm and caring atmosphere. It feels different to any other school I have been to.

    I enjoy every sport and being at Kingsley has made me a more confident player and improved my performance."

  • Katy

    A talented dancer who has achieved a place on a national development programme for dancers based at the London School of Contemporary Dance.

    "Kingsley has supported me with my dance and the teachers have helped me have a good balance between my school work and my dance and performing arts commitments.

    It’s a really friendly place. I know I have made friends for life at Kingsley!

    Kingsley has created an environment where I can push myself to achieve my goals whilst supporting me at the same time."

  • Cecilia

    Cecilia is Head Girl in the Prep School. A keen Prep musician who has already achieved her Grade 3 cello exam.

    "The lessons are really awesome and interesting so you learn lots. The teachers are amazing!

    I wouldn’t part with Kingsley for all the world.

    All the teachers and children are so friendly and happy. Everyone knows everyone and there are lots of different fun clubs to join."

  • Rebecca

    A student at Kingsley for a year after joining in Year 7 from a local Prep School.

    "Kingsley has given me opportunities to develop my self-confidence and my social, academic and sporting skills.

    The school has an amazing warm and caring atmosphere. It feels different to any other school I have been to.

    I enjoy every sport and being at Kingsley has made me a more confident player and improved my performance."

  • Alex

    A Canadian by birth who joined the Sixth Form from an international school in Norway. She is studying five subjects at A Level including textiles.

    "The help and support I have been given with regards to careers and applying for a place at university has been really good.

    I haven’t been at the school for very long but I have made good friends. We’re all one big family at Kingsley.

    The small classes mean that you can really focus on areas where you might need help and build up good relationships with your teachers."

  • Georgia

    Has been at Kingsley since she joined the Prep School in Year 3. Winner of the Kingsley Art Prize.

    "At Kingsley there is always something to enjoy and be a part of, no matter what your strengths and interests are.

    I have met some really special people at the school who I have a lot in common with and who, I believe, will be my friends for a very long time.

    I have felt a very great sense of achievement in art and am proud to have done well in the subject."

  • Annabel

    A student at Kingsley for three years after joining in Year 7 from a local primary school. Winner of the school’s Young Writer of the Year Award.

    "It didn’t feel like a massive step when I joined Kingsley because the school is so welcoming and friendly and I immediately felt very comfortable here.

    The staff are unfailingly supportive, encouraging and kind. They push us to be the best we can be.

    I adore English and drama and I have gained enormously from my participation in LAMDA. I perform in all the school productions and my confidence has grown and grown."

  • Freya

    A member of the English under 18 skiing squad who has to spend months away from school to train.

    "The school supports me with my skiing and the teachers set work for me and mark it whilst I am away. I often come back from training and I am ahead of the others!

    Kingsley has helped me to be the person I am today by teaching me to be confident, not to worry about what others think about me and to be the best I can be.

    “Being at Kingsley has made my life easier because when I am away I can focus on my skiing in the knowledge that I am not missing school work."

  • Chiara

    Joined Kingsley in Year 7 from a local Prep School.

    "Kingsley has helped me to become much more confident so I now do public speaking, play the drums in the swing band and join in activities without worrying what people think of me.

    The teachers know each girl as an individual which means they help us to achieve our best in every subject.

    Kingsley is a kind and fun place where lessons are enjoyable but you still learn a lot."

News at a Glance

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  • 2017 Provides Another Year of Outstanding GCSE Results

    The Kingsley community is celebrating outstanding results in this year’s GCSE examinations, following on from a fantastic set of A-level results last week.

  • A Level Students Celebrate Excellent Results and Diverse Destinations

    Kingsley girls, their parents and staff are celebrating in recognition of the outstanding personal achievements that have secured a diverse range of choice destinations for their leavers this year.

    In a year where results were nationally expected to lower, The Kingsley School Sixth Form has excelled, significantly exceeding benchmarked expectations. The school achieved a 100% pass rate with almost a third of all students receiving A* -As. Two thirds of all girls achieved A*-B grades and 90% attained grades A*-C.

    Amongst the excellent results and destinations are:

    Jess Harper Radley, studying Music at Edinburgh University                        
    Lily Holbrook, studying Marine Zoology at Newcastle University
    Freya Eaton, who has juggled study with her intensive professional GB ski training and competing, studying Sport and Social Science at Bath University
    Olivia Inchley, studying Geography at Reading University
    Katy Cant, studying Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Contemporary Dance
    Fliss Pace, studying Interior Architecture at Oxford Brookes University
    Kelly MacDonald, studying Economics at Newcastle University
    Ellie Varley, studying Chemistry at Lancaster University
    Hana Hadad, studying a four year Masters course in Pharmacy at Kingston University London

    Head Teacher, Ms Heather Owens, says: “I am delighted by the girls’ academic excellence and individual successes. This summer we have celebrated some of our old girls graduating and beginning careers as doctors and vets, and today we have current girls beginning their journeys in an exciting and incredibly diverse range of subjects. The ambition and pursuit of these personal goals is inspiring, demonstrating the Kingsley ‘can-do’ ethos that we value so highly. I am very proud of the hard work of the staff and girls -  and excited to hear about their continued successes in the future!”

  • Sophie Braves the Shave to Raise Awareness of Alopecia

    Sophie H from Year 6 took the brave decision to publicly shave her head to raise awareness of Alopecia; a common but widely misunderstood hair-loss condition that can have a severe impact upon a person’s self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

    Sophie and her mother both decided to take part in the Sponsored Head Shave after a family friend developed Alopecia.  “We were saddened by the ignorance that surrounds this affliction,” explains Sophie’s mother.  “It is going to be quite a shock having no hair, but we feel it will be worth the looks, stares and discomfort to raise awareness and some money.”   

    Sophie and her mother’s precious locks have been given to The Little Princess Trust, which provides real-hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have sadly lost their own hair.  They raised an impressive £1,300 in sponsorship money, which will be donated to other charities close to their hearts, including Caring Hands in the Vale, which provides care and support to people in their own homes, and the Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust.  Sophie has also chosen to donate some of the proceeds to a cancer charity in memory of her grandmother who died of bowel cancer.   

  • CEO of Twycross Zoo Inspires Students at Summer Prize Giving

    Kingsley were delighted to welcome Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, CEO of Twycross Zoo as guest speaker for the annual Summer Prize Giving ceremony on Tuesday 11th July 2017.

    Dr Redrobe, an internationally renowned wildlife veterinarian and advocate on zoological matters, spoke passionately about self-belief, inspiring girls to go for their vision, enjoy themselves and have a ‘yes I can’ attitude. She spoke about how she was influenced by Jane Goodall, wanting to go out and ‘save the world’ at an early age; a drive that led to her many years working across academia, the charity sector and business. A strong female role model, Dr Redrobe was awarded Businesswoman of the Year in 2015 and appointed an OBE in the Queen’s New Year Honour List in 2017.

    Sharing humorous and exciting stories from her time working with animals, Dr Redrobe also shared a lunch with various students who were interested in her field, including Imogen Biggs, a Year 8 student who has recently returned from South Africa after working to raise funds for endangered and orphaned rhinos.

    After her speech, Dr Redrobe presented individual awards for performance and progress and a special Kingsley Rose Award for girls who exemplify the spirit and ethos of the school in their attitude, conduct and behaviour towards staff and fellow pupils.

    This year's winners are: Matilda Milner (Year 7), Emily Wood (Year 8), Mia Bermingham (Year 9) and Lysa Pashley (Year 10).

    The Prize Giving event was also attended by Deputy Mayor, Councillor Caroline Evetts, and Chairman of the Warwick District Council, Allan Boad.


    A selection of photos from the event can be found here: /gallery/?pid=2&gcatid=1&albumid=94

  • Ms Dyson Celebrates 36 Years at Kingsley

    Tributes have been paid to Ms Dyson, Assistant Headteacher, after 36 years at Kingsley.

    Ms Dyson joined Kingsley as Head of History in 1981, with a ‘responsibility for text books, the staff common room and social committee’. She has since worked in many roles under five different headteachers, teaching history, politics and general studies, becoming the Head of Sixth Form and, later, Assistant Headteacher, as well as looking after the school’s extensive historical archives.

    Ms Dyson was honoured in a surprise assembly, which began with a presentation on ‘Wonder Woman’ and other inspirational female role models, before Headteacher Ms Owens and Sixth Form students gave a heartfelt personal testimony. Ms Dyson was showered with thoughtful gifts, including a book with messages from all staff and students and a patchwork quilt made up of items from Kingsley’s history, which was handmade by staff.

    A special alumnae tea was also held in honour of Ms Dyson, with previous generations of staff and students visiting to celebrate her incredibly long service.

    Ms Owens, Headteacher, said, “Ms Dyson is a beloved member of staff who has inspired so many. She has a real passion for education and for Kingsley - there is little that she does not know about the school and its history. She is hitting the road in her famous camper van and we wish her the very best for her journey onwards.”


    A selection of photos from Ms Dyson's celebrations can be found here: /gallery/?pid=2&gcatid=1&albumid=93 

  • Celebrating International Women In Engineering Day

    Kingsley celebrated International Women in Engineering Day (23rd June) with girls in Year 7 and 8 enjoying a fun, hands-on workshop led by young female engineers from Warwick University School of Engineering.  Through various activities, the girls learnt about valuable engineering skills, including problem-solving, teamwork and thinking creatively.  One girl said, “Engineers help fix things and solve problems to make the world better.”

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Welcome to Kingsley

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the age of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 11 years old.

A very warm welcome to The Kingsley School. For 130 years this School has had an excellent reputation for high academic standards and first-class pastoral care. What sets Kingsley apart from other schools is its distinctive family ethos and friendly atmosphere. We are immensely proud of the fact that everyone who visits us remarks on the happy staff student relationships and the sense of community this fosters.

At Kingsley, girls have a positive and purposeful approach to learning. The atmosphere here is unique; enthusiastic and approachable teachers inspire girls to learn; behaviour is excellent and girls are challenged and supported according to individual need. Where practical, we aim to personalise the curriculum so that girls can reach their potential whatever their gifts and talents.

In the Preparatory School, Kingsley pupils progress in a warm, safe environment in small classes to develop socially and achieve their very best academically. Most of the girls continue into Senior School and later, become sixth form students, thus maximising the benefits of Kingsley as the only school in Warwickshire offering continuous education for girls from 3 to 18 years old.

Academically, girls are encouraged to have high aspirations. They develop a strong sense of belonging as they are expected to contribute to school life and participate in a wide range of enrichment opportunities. Girls leave Kingsley as confident, well-mannered, well-rounded and well-qualified young women ready to face the challenges of the adult world. Most of them continue their studies at the university of their choice.

Girls succeed and are happy here. Kingsley is a school where success is celebrated and, whether this is academic, sporting, creative or through performance, girls encourage each other and take pleasure in each other’s achievements. Ours is a warm and welcoming community. At Kingsley, girls are individuals and everyone is valued. In the words of one of our students, ‘at Kingsley you are a name not a number.’


I extend an invitation to you to come and see for yourself!

Heather Owens



We know that choosing the right school is an important and sometimes difficult decision and we urge all parents and girls to visit Kingsley and find out all about us. Talking to the Headteacher, staff and girls, taking part in taster activities, touring the school and observing lessons will give you a chance to see what makes us tick and why we are such a happy and successful school.

The Preparatory School offers a rich, vibrant and extensive curriculum which adheres to and extends the Early Years and National Curriculum for bright and curious children. Pupils are taught in classes with a low pupil-teacher ratio, where individual needs can be met and where learning is fun. We are proud of the warm, caring environment which enables pupils to have confidence in themselves while supporting each other in a secure, close-knit community.

The Senior School aims to provide a broad, balanced and stimulating academic experience. The curriculum at Kingsley is constructed to provide girls with a very sound grasp of literacy and numeracy skills as well as to encourage creativity, intellectual curiosity and independence.

The Sixth Form at Kingsley combines the desire for academic success with the creation of confident, self-motivated and independent young women. It provides a wide range of opportunities for all students - whatever their interests, aptitudes and abilities - enabling girls to achieve places at their higher education destinations of choice.

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