The Kingsley School

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 7 years old.

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 11 years old.



Head of Department

Miss C Parry


History teaches students to analyse, question and weigh up evidence. It helps us reach logical, informed conclusions. It should lead to a more discerning approach to the media, including the internet. It is a subject highly regarded by universities. We are firmly convinced that this subject is important, interesting and can be fun! We encourage girls to take an active part in learning and to think for themselves.  We use a variety of media, such as film, in the classroom. We also believe in the value and enjoyment of trips and visits.

Key Stage 3: Years 7-9

History is taught to all girls within tutor groups until the end of key stage 3 (year 9)

  • Year 7 pupils study the Middle Ages, 1066-1485.
  • Year 8 study the 16th and 17th centuries, (Tudors and Stuarts)
  • The year 9 scheme of work starts with an overview of Britain and the Industrial Revolution 1750-1900 .It is followed by a unit on Black Peoples of the Americas, which begins with the 18th century slave trade and ends with the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and beyond. The focus is therefore on American History.

Year 9 go on to a study of The First World War to prepare girls for a trip to the First World War Battlefields and for the GCSE course.

There is an assessment each term on the topics we have just studied.  We positively seek and encourage student feedback and self- evaluation.

 Key Stage 4: GCSE

Students are prepared for OCR Modern World history, focusing on the 20th Century. Assessment is by two exam papers, taken at the end of year 11, and the controlled assessment which currently occurs early in the autumn of year 11.  Teaching is in a mixed ability group. Results have been consistently very good, typically a 100% pass rate, the majority being grades B-A*.

Key Stage 5: A level

Teaching is in small groups so students benefit from individual guidance, support and feedback. The course is 16th century history – OCR board.  The new A level from September 2015 will be the AQA board. The course will include a unit on the Tudors and another of 20th century foreign history such as Italy 1900-45.Examinations are taken in the summer of year 12 and Year 13. There is no coursework in year 12. However, at A2 the Elizabeth unit is internally assessed and then moderated by OCR. A number of our A level students have gone on to study history at university.

Extra-curricular Activities

The history department is very keen to enrich the girls’ learning by taking them on visits.