The Kingsley School

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 7 years old.

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 11 years old.



Head of Department

Mr T Spillane


Mathematics is taught in ability sets in all years. The subject is popular with students at all levels of ability and the department has produced some very impressive results in public examinations.

Key Stage 3: years 7-9

Pupils follow all aspects of the National Curriculum covering number, ratio, algebra, geometry and measures as well as statistics. A variety of texts and ICT equipment are used and lessons include a healthy balance of whole class teaching, group work and independent learning. There is always a busy working atmosphere with lots of interaction and support and a strong emphasis on enjoyment and building confidence. Pupils are encouraged to participate actively in lessons by explaining their methods or justifying their answers. Problem solving and puzzles are an increasing feature of our work as well as challenging mental arithmetic skills by playing games such as Countdown and testing logic with Sudoku style puzzles

Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 GCSE

Students are prepared for the new GCSE Edexcel 9-1 Mathematics Syllabus although current Y11 students will complete the GCSE Edexcel Linear Syllabus A. Most, if not all, students are entered for the Higher Tier syllabus, although decisions about level of entry are not finalised until January of Year 11.

Key Stage 5: AS and A level

Students are prepared for the Edexcel Mathematics units. Students usually study Decision and Statistics alongside the compulsory pure units, however Mechanics is also available. AS and A level Further Mathematics are available to extend gifted and talented students.

Extra-curricular Activities
Many students are entered for the UK Mathematics Trust Challenges at junior, intermediate and senior levels.  Well done to all the students who achieved bronze, silver and gold certificates this year.  Some students have also been working in cooperation with Warwick University in their Saturday morning extension Maths sessions and attended a celebration at The Royal Institution in June.  Students also have many opportunities to participate in individual and team competition events that run throughout the year, such as Y10 Maths Feast.