The Kingsley School

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 7 years old.

Experts in providing a continuous education for girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys welcome in Prep from 3 to 11 years old.

Prep Uniform



Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with sewn-in name tapes.  In the case of leotards and overalls, the owner’s name and initials may be embroidered on the front of the garment, or a name tape sewn on the outside so that it can be seen clearly.

All items of uniform and sports kit for the Prep and Senior School are available from Stevensons at their online shop - Kingsley has its own dedicated page on their website which can be accessed by clicking here.  Orders can be placed online or by phone, and will be delivered to your home address. If you have any queries, please contact the branch below:

Winter Uniform 
  • Blazer   Navy blue blazer with badge
  • Fleece   Fleece in royal blue with school logo – reversible and waterproof
  • Hat   Navy with cornflower blue band
  • Cap  Navy (Boys - plain)
  • Pinafore dress (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)   Plaid with box pleat skirt
  • Trousers  Charcoal grey (Boys)
  • Blouse   White open neck blouse with long sleeves (short sleeves in Reception and Foundation)
  • Shirt  White with long sleeves (Boys)
  • Pullover (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)   Blue, V-neck pullover
  • Socks   Navy, three quarter length socks or navy woollen tights
  • Shoes   Plain black or navy leather shoes with laces or bars. Slip on shoes, platform soles and wedge heels are not permitted.
Summer Uniform (to be worn with school blazer) 
  • Summer Dress  Checked cotton dress
  • Pullover (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)   Blue, V-neck pullover
  • Hat   Boater with cornflower blue band
  • Socks   White ankle socks (plain, no frills)
  • Baseball cap (KS2)   Royal blue, embroidered with school name 
  • Sunhat (EYFS and KS1) beanie style Royal blue, embroidered with school name
Games Kit 
  • Shorts (KS1,Y3 & Y4)   Navy blue or navy cotton jersey shorts
  • Skort (Y5 & Y6)   Regulation blue games skort with school logo (available from
  • Shirt (KS1, Y3 & Y4)   Light blue Aertex blouse
  • Shirt (Y5 & Y6)   Regulation pale blue games shirt with the school logo
  • Socks   Navy blue knee-length socks
  • Sweatshirt (KS1,Y3&Y4)   Prep School navy sweatshirt
  • Sweatshirt (Y5 & Y6)   Pale blue sweatshirt with school logo
  • Joggers (EYFS and KS1)   Navy blue jogging trousers
  • Tracksuit trousers (KS2)   Navy blue track suit trousers (straight legged)
  • Leotard (Year 3 +)   Navy blue leotard, school design
  • Games shoes (FS1 - Y2)   Rubber soled games shoes - black
  • Trainers (Year 3+)  Predominantly white - for outdoor activities
  • Tennis racquet   Years 4 - 6 will require tennis racquets for the summer. There are some in school but we encourage Year 5 and particularly Year 6 to bring their own (named)
  • Swimming costume   Navy one-piece
  • Swimming hats   Royal blue with school name
Games Kit (Winter)
  • Baselayer skins (Years 3 - 6) Full length leggings and long sleeve skin top.
  • Smock top (Years 3 - 6) 
  • Stadium Track Pants (Years 3 - 6) 
  • Socks (Years 3 - 6)   Sky blue knee length football socks 
  • Gloves   With ‘sticky palms’ (optional)
  • Hat   Royal blue fleece with school name
  • Shoes (Year 5 and 6)  Old trainers or studded hockey (moulded soles) boots or astro turf trainers
  • Hockey stick   There are some available in school, but it would be an advantage to own one.

The Hockey Association advises all players of games to protect themselves with shin pads and gum shields.

Other Equipment 
  • Book Bag (FS1 & Rec)  Navy with school logo
  • Bag (Y1, Y2 & KS2)   Navy rucksack
  • All in One Waterproof Garment  (FS1 & Rec)  All in one suit for Creative Curriculum and Forest School activities
  • Overalls (Years 5 & 6)   Royal blue overall, wrap-over style with long sleeves for art, technology, science, etc.
  • Overalls (FS1 to Year 4)   Royal blue nylon overall with long sleeves and Velcro front fastening.
  • Shoe Bag (FS1 to Y2)  Navy blue
  • Sports Bag (Y4 to Y6)  Black and blue with school logo
  • Scarf   Royal blue fleece with school name
  • Gloves   Royal blue fleece
  • Kingsley School Purse   Blue purse
  • Boots   Wellington boots should be worn in wet or snowy weather
  • Hair ribbons   Hair ribbons and slides must be royal blue, navy blue or black or in dress material. Hair should be tied back.
  • Jewellery   Plain gold studs only may be worn if a girl has pierced ears (must be removed for games). No other jewellery should be worn apart from watches for older pupils.